We are a play-based program with an emphasis on the social and emotional growth of each child. We provide a positive environment where children can learn the art of taking turns, solving problems, following directions, and making friends.

The objective for the Four Day Class is to provide a gentle transition from home to school. For some children, this is the first time separating from parents. The emphasis is on building independence and self-confidence, and early friendships.

The Five Day Class builds on this foundation. The focus shifts towards relationships with others and group interactions. Children engage in more cooperative play, collaborative projects, and problem solving within a group. Topics become more sophisticated and reflect a growing interest in the world at large. Children develop classroom skills essential for Kindergarten.

The day for each class is divided equally between free play and structured activities. During free play, our children experience open-ended activities such as blocks, water, sand, playdough, manipulatives and dramatic play. Structured projects and informal lessons are age-appropriate and integrate diverse classroom topics such as Transportation, Nutrition, Astronomy, Zoology. The school’s flexible atmosphere allows time for exploration and digressions according to the interests of the group and of individual children.

We round out the curriculum with a healthy mid-morning snack, and plenty of fresh air and exercise in the playground at the end of the morning (weather permitting). The Five Day Class enjoys local field trips, such as a round trip ride on the “T” during the Transportation unit. Specialists visit both classes several times monthly and include Music, Yoga, Basketball, Librarian visits, and Puddlestompers.