We believe that young children learn best through play in a developmentally appropriate setting. With playdough, children gain fine motor skills for writing; with building blocks, they learn pre-math and science. Through the joys and challenges of early friendships, children learn the social and emotional skills that lay the foundation for educational success later on. Teachers, together with parents, provide a positive environment where our preschoolers can flourish.


The Cooperative

The Coop has been serving children and their families since 1970. The Children’s Coop is run by the teaching staff (the Director, lead teachers, and assistant teachers) and the parents of children currently enrolled in the school. Parents are required to participate in the following ways:

  • Assisting in their child’s classroom approximately one day per month
  • Serving on a Commitee or on the Board of Directors
  • Attending regular Coop business meetings and voting on school policy

Being a Coop parent is beneficial in several ways. Parent-helping in the classroom gives parents a fresh perspective on their child and allows them to share in the learning process. Parents become an active participant in their preschooler’s education. Through social events and committee work, teachers and families develop a warm extended community. This collaborative environment is enriching to all. Friendships made at the Coop last well beyond the preschool years.

Our Space

The Coop is located in, but not affiliated with, the First Baptist Church in Newton Centre. We occupy 3 spacious, sunny, second floor classrooms. We have an ample and up-to-date collection of toys, games, activities, and books. Our playground is large, well-equipped, and carefully maintained by Coop parents. A big basement playroom with mats and pedal toys serves as our rainy-day playspace.

The school is conveniently located in Newton Centre, close to the T and shops, with ample free parking in the Church parking lot for pick up and drop off.