Friday, November 13, 2015

We’ve been studying wood, trees and woodland animals living in Massachusetts. Now we’re exploring how human beings may have lived in the woods before computers, smart phones, Target and Whole Foods. We are thinking about how we would do things if we couldn’t buy anything in a store, what we would do in the evening after the sun goes down if we didn’t have electric lights and TV, how would we get our food and cook it, how would we keep warm and dry.

We have a wetu in the classroom. It’s our version of the lodges made by the Wampanoag Indians. Outside is a papier mache tree and a very glittery (as in lots of glitter!) camp fire that we made. We have been plucking kernels off a cob of dried corn and trying to grind it with a mortar and pestle. We cooked, mashed, sieved and drained cranberries, beets and blueberries to make fabric dye. We all got our hands very purple by dying pieces of cloth in our vegetable dye. We examined pictures of fringed buffalo shirts and made fringe from pieces of burlap. We practiced weaving with pieces of colored paper and looked at woven Navajo rugs. Lots of these things are on display in the classroom. Come in to see.

We potted our spider plants which we saw develop roots in the cups of water this fall. The plants are now adjusting to the soil but will be going home soon. The ivy shoots that we started outside are now in the classroom. We’ll let them root this winter and plant them around the playground next spring.

We’re thinking about Thanksgiving this week, starting with what we are each thankful for. You’ll be seeing lots of turkeys, hearing songs about about turkeys and getting a sample of the famous Coop cranberry-orange relish!

A parent teacher conference sign up sheet will be circulated at the general meeting Tuesday night ( November 17, 7:30pm). The brief business meeting will be followed by a parenting workshop presented by parent coach, Amy Behrens. It should be great. Please do your best to be there.

Thanks you for all you help and support. We’re having a great year.

Kathy Mitchell

November 15, 2015