Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We had a very busy morning. Everyone made leaf rubbings using oil pastels on paper over different leaves that were taped to clip boards. Those rubbings are on the cover of the Leaf Books which contain the watercolors we’ve done of various leaves. We’re learning to identify some of those leaves, too.

Yuko presided over our first batch of classroom prepared play-dough. It’s a great opportunity to measure ingredients and to take turns.

We began a Woodland Puzzle Challenge. There are ten different puzzles all with forest themes. When a child completes one he or she puts a dot on the chart hanging on the back door. It’s an introduction to graphing as well. The names are listed on one axis, the numbers of the puzzles on the other. Finding where to place the dot involves moving down the number row and across the name row until they intersect.

The story today was Chicken Little. Perhaps we’ll act it out tomorrow.

Kathy Mitchell

October 21, 2015