Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We’re nearly half way through October. Halloween is already on everyone’s mind.
We will be doing lots of songs and rhymes; decorating and talking about the big day. We will do something special but we don’t dress up for Halloween at school. Costumes and masks can be disconcerting for some of the youngest children. We don’t want any frights!

We are taking a close look at trees now. We finished up with water having done many water color paintings, made predictions about what would happen if a bottle of water was put in the freezer, watched steam rise from the tea kettle, discussed the water cycle, checked out what floats and what sinks and named everything we could think of that has to do with water.

Trees have roots, trunks and branches. Everyone painted a tree after studying the pictures on the bulletin board. To that they added “apples” with the name of a family member on each fruit to make our family trees. Admire them on the loft and wall. Some family trees include a pet or a favorite stuffed animal.

The color of the apples we chose for the trees depended on each child’s favorite color apple to eat. We made a graph and found that red was the preferred apple color. On two days we peeled and cored many, many apples using an old fashioned peeler that involves turning a crank. The apples end up in a spiral. Fun to see. The following day, after Christy cooked the apples at home, we took turns with a food mill and turned the cooked apples into applesauce. We had that at snack. So delicious!

Wood comes from trees. We identified many of the things in the classroom that are made of wood. We know that it is hard and if it’s not painted you can see the “grain” of the wood. Homework this week is to find something at home that is made of wood and bring it to school. A bed, chest of drawers or the front door are all too big. Help your child identify something used at home that you can do without for a few days. We will have a “Museum of Wood” and everyone will have a chance to share his or her object. Many children are still learning what is metal, plastic, glass, etc. See if you can help them tell the difference.

We’ve learned quite a few songs. See if your child can perform “Grey squirrel, gray squirrel, Shake your bushy tail”. Tomorrow we’ll start singing the “Days of the Week” song solo for anyone who wants to try.

Coming up: Mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles!

Kathy Mitchell

October 13, 2015