Monday, October 19, 2015

I heard from several of you that your child tells you nothing about his or her day. That’s not unusual by any means. I thought I’d try to give you a brief update so that you have some leading questions to ask at dinner time. Here goes:

We welcomed back Anna and made her “line leader” since she had missed her earlier turn. We chose partners by finding someone with a pine cone if you had a chestnut and vice versa. We put our names on paper bags and started downstairs. Half the group sent to the playground to make rubbings of the tree stumps with paper and crayons. The other half left with Kathy and John to look for and gather signs of autumn. One of each pair carried the bag, the other carried a magnifying glass. We walked all the way around the church and found many interesting things which we will examine more closely tomorrow (leaves, birch bark, acorns, chestnuts, worms, dried flowers and even mushrooms). The two groups then switched. Then back upstairs for snack and circle and a story. We read Peter Rabbit last week. Today we read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

Thank you for making sure everyone was warmly dressed.

Kathy Mitchell

October 19, 2015