4 Day Class, October 9, 2015

We started the week off by making different colored apples using tissue paper pieces. The children brushed the tissue paper over with liquid starch to make the colors bleed into each other. To do this at home you need to buy the colored tissue paper that bleeds. It will tell you on the package. The beautiful apples are now hanging on our classroom tree.  Apples were our theme this week and will continue to be next week. We also made apples using our fingertips or a Q-tip for some of us. Then we glued on a trunk and a poem. They went home today. Be sure to read the poem again to your child.  At the easel this week we used red and yellow paint to make orange paintings.

Throughout the school year we will practice using scissors the correct way. This week some of the children did a lot of practicing and some of their cuttings went home in white envelopes. We also practiced writing our names. This we will also continue doing throughout the year.

We used chopsticks and clothespins this week for picking up pom pom’s and placing them into a clear plastic jar. This activity, along with playing with the play dough, and other small manipulative challenges, will help strengthen small fingers and hands for future writing skills, as well as many other skills that we use our hands for, of course. Speaking of using our hands. We read a story today about what we can do with our hands and what we should not be doing with our hands. We had a great discussion, with some very thoughtful ideas. This is a book that we will continue to read. This discussion lead into talking about our safety rules, such as, teacher first, for going out the door, wall side, for going downstairs, washing hands before snack, and they continued to list many more. We have a lot of good thinkers!

Jean, the Newton Librarian visited us on Tuesday. Both classes went into the middle room to listen to Jean read to us. The title of some books were, Fall Leaves Fall!, Where are My Books, (in this story the squirrels took them), The Babies on the Bus, (everyone sang), and two Halloween stories, Very Scary and Pumpkin Heads. On Thursday we had music and movement with Diana. This time we went into the middle room with just our class alone. Lot’s of singing and dancing!

Today, we had our first fire drill. We talked about what was going to happen before hand and the children were told that it was not a real fire, but that this was practice time for leaving the classroom and going outside safely.  We discussed the importance of not taking the time to put on our jackets or take our toys with us, and being as quiet as possible so that we could hear the teachers. They all did a great job!


LuAnn Sholemson

October 9, 2015