Five Day Class Thursday, March 12, 2015

Basketball season is winding down for us at the Coop. Coach Tim put everyone through the usual “training” today but when it came time to shoot baskets we noticed a remarkable leap in skill. It’s hard to believe but our four and five year olds have really gained some ability on the court. Ready for the next level!

We have been working on various transportation related activities. There is a big, two-part transportation puzzle challenge going on. I am so impressed at how easy these puzzles have become for many children during the course of the year. Lots of growth in perceptual and fine motor skills. Yesterday we used the ever-popular spin art contraptions to make colorful wheels. We did some painting with the small cars and trucks. You can see the results in the “tracks” painting in the classroom. There is a mural where we pasted the cut out  pictures of “things that go” and sorted them into separate land, sea and air categories. Next week we’ll top off the transportation unit with a field trip on the T. Even for children who have ridden the T many times, traveling with their classmates becomes newly exciting. I hope you can join us to help escort the group. On Wednesday, March 18 we’ll start off to the Newton Center stop about 9:30 am; ride the train to the Riverside stop; get off; get on the next train and ride it back to Newton Center. That will take about an hour if everything is running smoothly. We’ll have lots of opportunity to observe things along the way, talk about traffic signs and safety and, who knows, maybe see some wildlife. Please sign up outside the classroom door if you can come. Younger siblings are welcome and a sitter or grandparent is welcome to stand in for you. We want lots of hands to hold while we cross the street.

We’re getting closer to spring but there is still lots and lots of snow around. We’ve had some furious digging on the playground. And the snow melt from the roof of the pavilion has provided an essential ingredient for the various soups and potions the children love to mix up.  I hope you saw the sledding on our playground hill last week. It was very satisfying and exactly what we had hoped would be possible when the hill was put in the playground plan.

In the classroom we made some snow to paint with. Wearing a protective mitten on one hand everyone had a turn at grating Ivory soap into bowls. We then added warm water and using egg beaters beat the mixture into a sudsy froth.  We began today by reading The Lost Mitten today and then beat the snow a little more with an electric hand mixer. The result was a creamy glob that we used to paint pictures with “lost” mittens and to build snow fort constructions.

We planted a sprouted potato and are waiting to see what happens. The cobs on the corn stalks outside were harvested, husked, the kernels removed and then scattered for the birds and squirrels. We have a small feeder attached to a classroom window that some birds have actually visited. There are buds on our playground trees!

Kathy Mitchell

March 12, 2015